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Chef Lorenzo, LLC is building a reputation for high quality and strong value in a product filled with a robust of flavors that he Calls from Down-home to Gourmet.

Time honored recipes from Chef Jesus G. Lorenzo that has been the develop thru out his career as a Certified Executive Chef that has work in many regions of the United States. During his endeavors Chef Lorenzo found out what the knowledgeable customers were looking for authentic products, filled with the best ingredients the market offers. The consumer was crying for a change! They wanted well seasoned products such as barbeque sauce, seasoned flour, spices, marinades, dressings, and dips.

Chef Lorenzo, LLC is company base on biblical principals that pledge to donate 10% from the products sales to Feed The Children and 50% from our family portion of the business profits to bible base charities such as the Lakewood Church Ministries, Samaritan’s Purse,  Joyce Myers Ministries, Nacion TV a spanished outreach bible ministry.  We are asking to support our products as we engage in these powerful outreach ministries that support our communities in times of needs.

1- On-site Demonstration of Product
2- R & D Manufacturing
3- Food Lab Testing Area
4- Chef Lorenzo LLC Executive Chef Receives National Honor

-On-site Demonstration of Product-

We go to great lengths to provide our dealers with high quality products, and the ability to make a good margin on them.

We are selling quality and product-uniqueness in a market segment filled with competition. Our approach is to take our image up-market because or our rich expertise and uncompromising view of product quality. This focus has enabled us to view the voids in the market, and add product to our line that will fill it. We have researched and review other Barbeque Sauces, Dipping Sauces, Dressings, Seasoned Flour, and Spice Blends. We have been tracking their success and positioning ourselves similarly.
In addition, we make our self available for on-site demonstration of the product at no charge to them. We will offer this service as part of our commitment to our dealers and customers.

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-R & D Manufacturing-


Research and development is done at our lab in Katy, Texas. Our Staff consist of Certified Executive Chef. Our facility is design to replicate food service working conditions. Our Chef utilizes this resource to develop a wide array of new recipes filled with a robust of flavors that he Calls from Down-home to Gourmet.




Chef Lorenzo products reduces food safety risk and extends shelf life while maintaining consistency quality and flavorGuaranteed quality, dependable yields, assure safety, fast & easy preparation these are the hallmarks of Chef Lorenzo Products.





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-Food Lab Testing Area-

In our testing facility we test for cleanliness, environmental
testing and PH testing for shelf life study

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-Chef Lorenzo LLC Executive Chef Receives National Honor-

December 5, 2007-Officials at Chef Lorenzo LLC, are pleased to announce the award winning achievements of Executive Chef, Jesus G. Lorenzo.  Lorenzo, a member of Chef Lorenzo LLC Food team, was presented with the American Academy of Taste, USA Taste Championships, Gold Taste Award medal for his outstanding culinary skills in Las Vegas, Nevada. 
Following the awards ceremony, Lorenzo commented, “It is an honor for me to achieve this prestigious award.  Without Jesus Christ and the help of my supportive wife Victoria M. Lorenzo this would have never been possible.”
He has prepared dishes for President Bush, President of China, the Queen of England, the Queen of Jordan and the President of Egypt.  Another unique experience for the champion chef was the preparation of food for the New England Patriots training camp as well as for the Super Bowl XXXVIII winning party for 3000 guest.
Chef Lorenzo attended and work as a Culinary Lab Instructor at Conrad N. Hilton College and Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of Houston from 1990 to 1992.  He has over 21 years of work experience with restaurants, country clubs and casinos.  He is certified as an Executive Chef by the American Culinary Federation.

In 1993, the American Culinary Federation named Lorenzo as a Certified Working Chef and in 2000 he was named as a Certified Executive Chef.    He served as the Educational Chair Person for the Texas Chef Association from 1992-1996. Chef Lorenzo is a member of the American Culinary Federation. 

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